Fleet & Commercial Repairs

Do you have a fleet of vehicles that need periodic repair work at a competitive rate? Contact Paintworks for fleet repairs if you are in Newcastle upon Tyne or anywhere within a 50-mile radius including Northumberland. 

Vehicle repair packages for corporate clients

If you own a taxi or transport company with a fleet of vehicles, then it's worth considering a contract for vehicle repairs.

Whether you have a few vehicles or a large fleet including various types of vehicle, we can tailor a service package for your needs. Our package will cover everything from minor scratches to full vehicle body restoration work. Contact us for details. 

We offer fleet repair contracts for:

  • Transport companies
  • Taxi service providers 
  • Hotels 
  • Schools 
  • Courier companies with their own vehicles 
  • Media companies
  • Businesses offering transportation to their staff

A trusted vehicle body shop

No matter how many vehicles you have, you can always trust us to deliver a prompt and satisfactory service.

We can collect your vehicles and return them to you after the repairs have been carried out, ensuring that the operation of your business is not hampered.

We’ll give you excellent value for money.